Monday, 1 August 2011

Fashion: The Un-glamorous Side

We are getting very close to our big reveal about 3 weeks in fact!! Which means it’s crunch time, putting the final touches on the collection, creating the content for the website (including some amazing promotions – just for you!), finalising our gorgeous packaging and organising photoshoot.

Sounds very la-dee-da when I tell my friends about my work week, although let me interrupt for you;
  • Putting the final touches on the collection, ie; chasing suppliers, unpacking boxes, checking off packing slips, hanging and steaming many many garments.
  • Creating the content for the website, ie; many late nights spent with photoshop and too many mornings with excel.
  • Finalising our gorgeous packaging, ie; following up suppliers, checking and reformatting artwork, feedback, samples, feedback & we are almost there!
  • Organising our photoshoot, ie;  more steaming, loading up the car, early morning shopping for high energy treats, unloading the car, more steaming, styling models.... 12 hours later, 120 outfits down, 350 images and a very tired although amazing team.
Stress levels are running high although it’s also super exciting to be getting near the finish line – which really is just the starting line.

To sum up here’s very un-glamorous pic of my car boot after the photoshoot...

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