Sunday, 13 November 2011

Fan Question: I always wear black but want to try wearing colour this summer. What can you recommend?

This week we’ve been helping one of our fans get more adventurous with colour after receiving this fan question: I always wear black but want to try wearing colour this summer. What can you recommend?

If there was ever a season to embrace colour Summer 11 is it, bold colours are currently painting the town, pink, red, blue & green – the bolder and more colour clashing the better. Although this is not a look for someone new to colour so I suggest easing yourself into the look.

Ease into colour with a navy classic; it’s only a few shades away from your safety zone and is a great way to build your confidence and graduate into a rainbow of colour!

 Will Hope Love Stretch satin dress, $189.95
So you’re comfortable in the natural zone, time to take it up a level and dive into prints, try this peacock print that uses a base of soft colours with bright highlights. Get ready for a wave of compliments that will make you want to bust out in even more colour.

Will Hope Love Silk Cocktail Dress, $289.95 
Feeling colour-tasic your now ready to embrace a pop colour, I suggest you keep pushing your boundaries and put it all out there in a block colour dress, like this aqua banded style; team with clashing bold hot pink accessories and you’ll be graduating from black in true colour-popping style.

Will Hope Love Block Colour Banded Dress, $199.95

If these looks still a little too much try adding a pop of colour to your fave LBD with a bold clutch and pump or coloured bold accessories, once to try you will never go back.

Enjoy & look fabulous,
Will Hope Love xx

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