Monday, 28 November 2011

Fan Questions: I'm pear-shape - what are some great dresses for my figure?

Being pear-shape isn't just narrow shoulders and large hips; it’s also a flat tummy and skinny arms! I lead with this as the most important thing when styling one’s self is to know your strengths once you know these you can shop for styles to enhance your beautiful and feminine curves. Here are my picks for working a pear-shape:

Angels are your savior, like this stunning asymmetrical one shoulder dress with a beautiful draped skirt, they are perfect for taking the focus away from your hips and drawing the eye to your neckline. Note neckline and skirt both create a diagonal line, narrowing and lengthening the body.

Will Hope Love One Shoulder Gown, $349.95  

Another great way of balancing out a pear-shape is to look for two tone dress, aim for a lighter colour on top and a darker colour on bottom. I love this style because the beaded and vertical v-neck really draw the eye up, it also has a perfect length finishing just below the knee to show off skinny ankles and calves.

Will Hope Love Beaded layer Dress, $289.95  

Really make an impact with bustier styles like this prom style party dress. The full a-line skirts in a stiff mesh fabric offsets the width of your hips, the cinched in waist and fitter bustier then show off your slender top.

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